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“Les Douze Travaux du Magicien: A show that takes your breath away…”


“The four-handed number by François Normag impresses the most jaded spectators…”

La Gazette Monaco-Côte d'Azur

“A very impressive magic show, winner of the Monte-Carlo competition… and unique in Europe…”

Corriere della sera

“Here we are fully immersed in magic that is anything but banal… And it seems that the French champion of Magic that he is has more than two hands…”

La Voix du Nord

“National congress of magicians: During this unforgettable evening, François Normag will present all the tricks with brio: his humor, his courtesy, his presence, and his immense talent have captivated us!”

Didier LADANE – Revue de la Prestidigitation

“We are enchanted and intrigued by François Normag…”

L'Officiel des Spectacles

“The illusionist started out in acting. From this he has the art of being particularly at ease on the stage, playing his part with humor…”

La Nouvelle République

“All his effects are chosen and calculated in a way that they become, along with the character he plays, as magical as possible…”

Magicus Magazine

“François Normag: Magician, poet, and philosopher… What else can you ask for?”

Liberté Dimanche

“Magic at the Opera of Lille: It’s a real theatrical story where the illusion is the main character. The children adore it and the older audience is just as fascinated…”

Nord Eclair

“Doing pastiches of cartoons, giving a crazy, loony Hollywood performance, the magician-actors turn everything upside-down… Spectators are bewildered, ravished, enchanted by so much agility, stupefied by so much poetry…”

Paris Normandie

Normag, he loves to deliver the big show, thrills by illusion (…) he guarantees performances that will blow away the kind of audience that’s hungry for the Monte-Carlo Magic Stars…”


“The Symbolic Illusion by François Normag: A feint in the service of poetry…”

Le Figaro