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François NORMAG’s artistic career is particularly diverse: his training as an actor at the Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique de Rouen and at L’Université théâtrale de Paris has given him the opportunity to join a range of theater companies and to act in plays of classical and contemporary repertories. In 1982 his encounter with Hugues PROTAT determined his vocation to become a magician. He decided then to bring all his experience from theater, scenography, from dance and even fine arts to traditional illusionism.

A remarkable show, “L’Homme à quatre mains” (“The Four-Handed Man”), inspired by a Magritte painting, earned him the title of French Champion of Magicians as well as numerous international prizes. He has presented this show in the most prestigious music halls and on several television programs in France and abroad.

In addition to these tours, François NORMAG has continued to do ambitious shows, such as “L’Illusion Symbolique” (“The Symbolic Illusion”), a “total” show, directed by Daniel MESGUICH, which pushes the limits of traditional magic shows. He crosses artistic boundaries with his shows which are both theatrical and magical and he also crosses borders. He has done shows on a number of cruise ships (France-Norway, Costa Romantica, Europa…) both as a magician and as an artistic director.

He has also been the host of famous festivals (such as the Monte-Carlo Magic Stars), and in his career he has also often shared his experience as a trainer and conference speaker (such as teaching magic to Jean-Claude BRIALY)…

… and this is just a beginning!...


Shows designed and produced with Hugues PROTAT:

- “L’Illusion Symbolique” (1991, created in Rouen for the Festival International des Magiciens and for the inauguration of the Palais des Congrès of Evreux)
- “La Comédie Magique”
- “La Nouvelle Illusion Comique”
- “La Nuit des Magiciens” (1993, created for the Opera of Lille with the participation of ALPHA)

Magical Plays:

- “Illudis” (with the participation of choreographer Catherine Langlade)
- “Drôle de Mage”
- “Shazam” (1998, created for the France-Norway cruise ship; Expo ’98, the Lisbon World Exposition cruise)
- “Angesis” (created in Blois for the Maison de la Magie Robert-Houdin with the participation of Ilva Scali)
- “Les 12 Travaux du Magicien” (2005, created in Paris for the theater Le Temple)
- “Extravagance Royale” (show including opera singing and circus acts, choreography and special effects, mise-en-scène: Patrice Vrain Perrault)


- First Prize for General Magic (France)
- First Prize for Magic (Germany)
- Silver Award at the World Magic Olympics (Japan)
- “Best of” of the magic Grand Prix of Monte-Carlo


French and Foreign Television:

- France 2: “Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde” with Patrick Sébastien (shows presented since 2001: “L’Homme a quatre mains”, “Les Lustres”, “Le Duel”, “Les Samouraïs” (with Ilva Scali), “Le Camelot Magique”)
- France 2: “Champs Elysées” with Michel Drucker
- France 3: “Attention Magie” with Gilles Arthur and Vincent Perraut
- TF1: “Drôle de jeu” with Vincent Lagaf
- Barcelone: “Magic Andreu Show”
- Tokyo: “World Magic Olympics”

Music Halls:

“Paradis Latin”, “William’s de Milan”, “Le Milliardaire”…

Cruise Ships:

Mermoz, France-Norway, Costa Romantica, Ocean Princess…


- Théâtre Princesse Grace de Monaco, Opéra de Lille, La Pépinière Opéra (Paris), La Maison de la Magie (Blois), Théâtre Adyar (Paris), Espace Duchamp-Villon (Rouen), Le Cadran (Evreux), Théâtre Colonne (Miramas), Théâtre Le Temple (Paris)
- National Stages: Théâtre Montansier (Versailles), Carré Magique de Bretagne, Le Grand Bleu (Lille)…

Festivals and Conferences:

• Grands Prix Magique de Monte-Carlo and Monte-Carlo Magic Stars (1986, 1988, 2008, 2009), the Festival International de Magie, IBM Congress Gala (Eastbourne, England), Congrès National FFAP (Aix-les-Bains 2008), Mandrake d’Or (Paris 2008), Festival Européen des Arts Visuels (2009, 2011)… and, for the past 25 years : the Festival International des Magiciens (organized by Hugues Protat)